Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Super Heroes

Who's said this kind of stuff not "berbaloi - baloi"?

Malaysian today,have born "new super-heroes" call as Raihan Rangers.Different with another cartoon series today,this cartoon shows have entertains all kids and children about more Islamic issues as good thing,pray and respect parents.But what more important is,the question it's this will open new era's of Malaysian cartoon genre or just this only 1 Rangers?Who will say i'm dear to invest for another similar project as what this "4 guy's" doing?...we just can't wait,just do it,right now.

*enjoys with this CD format maybe should buy and "on air" for kids all Malaysian at malaysian peoples TV channel,say yes for this one,if they can buy expensive outside cartoon series why this cheapest(surely) they can't?...

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