Monday, November 2, 2009

My Friend-I Need To See Your Face,really need too.

When i was young,i ( am) always remember that 1 (one) day,i will understand,"why x-files scully and agent murder launch and on-air(ed) to malaysian people,and till today i still remember 'for public-all ages show then change to 18 eight-teen viewer only-and now no more x-files sitcom.Maybe just for fun-or maybe for exposed to the malaysian-people how investigation & -dramas behind that,or maybe another 'exposed' to public-to show and it was not an accidently,it was happend and wanna be just like that(hidden agenda)?-as we now-as we watch-nothing than -aliens,this sitcom only exposed us to the aliens-like roswell and first wave shows after that.

Just like foolist when talking -to some theories but - we need theories a lot everyday,that will guaranteed our new future someday-someway,maybe we just turn around that victim-that plannes something good to them but a lot bad to us-illuminati or something else.I didnt want to finger anybody-and alway sorrounf with people -voices "only you right,other people to blame" i didnt live in that enviroment till today.But now(today),something wrong was happend,i cant see-true image,i cant see-who's image,that make me question my self,did(its) i just-been pull & push to something?,if true-why?

Diane Streicher? are you C.I.A or Interpol agent(maybe you in undercover job-right now)?

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