Friday, June 12, 2009

Miss World 2010(He)

How this guy handle his body?his food?his walking style?his sleep style?or maybe his shower time style?.It really hard when you're worth Rm464 million or 131USD for any part of your body.But this guy said "he is the world most expensive man on grass field"Christiano Ronaldo.I'm not a red devil die hard fan because i'm the blues or the pensioner,but this 24's guy really great forward player but he doesn't be good when face to face with west ham goalkeeper,R.Green watch here.But he really need to start new life journey out of england,next destination spain league.This is great after receive Miss World 2010 achievement from Albanian Fans. Why Christiano Ronaldo want play with Real Madrid?because this "he missed penalty shoot again barcelona last year"watch here,so more game with again barca mean more chance to change the "history".

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