Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Galore Or Cholesterol

Cholesterol or galore dreaming,from this phenomenon malaysian 'high budget' director & producer like Syamsul just like to create money back guarantee movies/film.That surely 'yes
' movies/film is industries so profit must be 1st priority,that why 'how much you target for this film' still/never gone in 60 second.That why after finished 'wajib tayang' rolling at 'cinema' so's box office's sinking to the sea.Smile or Sour faces is normal smile for 'pass' the money target and sour for 'below par' target...yeah it's was eagle shot dude!Bohsia:Jangan pilih Jalan hitam(after) this KLDrift then KLDrift 2 then Bohsia:JPJH 2..what a good movies director.Why malaysian(not all) can't create a movies similar like Night Bus (Iran),Calm Down and Count to Seven but i proud with The Red Kebaya & Jogho film.So better give the 'high budget' to this director such u-wie or maybe ely?maybe this young talent can 'boom' the malaysian industries better then 'moneybackguarantee' film type.Hey,come on who's know,today we have seen syamsul talent and his film,why we can't see that to on ely?remember what he was runner-up winner in Nescafe Kick Start!..just not lucky to annouched and honeymoon with 1st Prize!.Only God's Know Why

but then i proud with all malaysian movie/filmmaker!just create 1 film like 'beautiful mind'.

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