Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monster Hog :Big Matter


This time world will face.face to face with another flu's fever but not disease.It's was a Virus,variation of H & N,H1N1 or "hog" flu detect and already attack in New York,Kansas and now Mexico City also Texas and California,before spread to North American Country.86 people have been "kill" by hog virus and a swine flu virus outbreak that has rapidly claimed up to 68 lives in Mexico, and infected people in the US, was last night declared a "public health emergency of international concern". The decision, made by the World Health Organisation (WHO), means that countries are now being asked to step up surveillance for any cases. Travel advisories, trade restrictions, and even border closures could follow.Now no more pork from US & Mexico,RP have been banned to stop and control the virus from "breed".This call viruses A/H1N1.

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