Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Survive or Survival

Survival or survive ?for next election,close to 'welcome' Penanti.After lost/bad lost in Permatang Pauh,Kuala Terengganu,Bukit Selambau,Bukit Gantang(dramatic/heart breaking result) only won Batang Ai.Somebody said 'rakyat' didn't feel and still 'hold' mood,after clean & smooth power transfer to new Prime Minister.So if we want to know,better go to the'bong' and we stand by who will win the game.Maybe Umno,who's know but new Prime Minister said,no need to 'fight' at Penanti waste time,'rakyat' money,just a 'dirty' pkr and opposition politic game/plan.Let talk about 'waste'

1.Crooked Bridge,JB
2.Smart Tunnel,KL
3.Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower (KLCC),KL
4.Petronas Sponsorship in F1 Team,be partner with Sauber.
5.MRR2 (Middle Ring Road 2),Kepong here & here

1.Crooked Bridge Mega Project worth at 600 million,then stop & paid to Gerbang Perdana 237 million
2.Smart Tunnel Mega Stucture Slot nice price tag RM1,887 million what 'rakyat' said read here
3.KLCC how many bumiputera shop can 'breath' there?still remember how delicious Nasi Dagang at Kelantan Delight.Why malays bumiputera can't have a fair places there?Rm1.8 billion project refer here
4.How long should malaysian car industry 'boost up' like Toyota/Honda companies take the advantages on this sport sponsorship,Vios and City birh from F1 studies.How about malaysian car? or maybe petronas is only 'single' not as 'wakil GLC' .
5.When ll our goverment project will reach 'zero defect' and 'no more million budjet for same project'?.Parliment building still 'sinking' when 'storm or heavy rain'.So what next?
6....etc (check internet news better than 'paper')

Surely,Umno/BN will take this election.In what purpose?for 'party'survive or 'partisan survival?

Let's won this 5th battle.Hidup "pakatan rakyat"

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